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Australian Mining Review - November 2016

Software for hard-wearing devices

THE recent partnership between rugged handheld device manufacturer Snopow Australia (Snopow) and worksite compliance software developer ATK IT aims to address the needs for an integrated solutions future for onsite communications; merged with comprehensive personnel, equipment and safety compliance software in a forward thinking package. Snopow products are designed to satisfy industry requirements for hard-wearing Rugged IT handheld devices, while addressing other important issues. The range of devices are modern Android OS smartphones that contain a legacy UHF or VHF push-to-talk (PTT) functionality which can be set to your licenced frequencies. Features include an SOS emergency button, NFC for smart tags, and a large battery, with devices able to be wirelessly charged on a charge pad or in-vehicle cradle. Also available from Snopow is a 3G/4G network based PTT solution that includes one-to-one and group call, a device location map and ‘man down’ function, as well as text and picture messaging all within one easy to use application. The app was developed to address Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) over network infrastructures which will be a technology used across many emergency service sectors in the future. Solid hardware is only part of the industry IT solution. The real value of any IT hardware is dependent on the right software to make use of all available features. ATK IT industry compliance software was forged in the South African aggregates industry. The need for a powerful yet neatly packaged compliance solution arose from the same issues facing all industries — effective worksite management of personnel, equipment checks, safety checks, training and overall compliance tracking — tasks which, if not properly managed, can result in significant downtime of personnel and equipment. The ATK IT solution is offered as a smartphone application available pre-installed on Snopow Australia devices or separately downloaded. The PC-based administration side is available for demonstration through, and more information on Snopow Australia devices can be found at

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