Rugged Smart Watches

Snopow Australia offers two Rugged Smart Watches, built to withstand exposure to harsh environments during both work and recreation.

A simple definition of what a smart watch is today would be to say it is a computer that you can wear like a watch on your wrist. The newer rugged smart watches may be able to play FM radio, run mobile applications, serve as a media player and some may even be able to function as a mobile phone.

The new Snopow Australia smart watches even have a camera, barometer, map display, chronograph, GPS navigation and others. In short, they truly are a miniature computer that you wear as a watch.

Snopow Australia rugged smart watches are not only practical and stylish but can be used as a companion to your mobile phone. You can leave your mobile phone in your pocket and make the calls with your Snopow Australia smart watch or even surf the internet or do text messages. They are very versatile.

The watch is IP (International Protection Marking) 68 certified giving it the highest level of protection and it is also fully dust and waterproof. It will also perform underwater for a sustained period of time. It is built withstand a number of drops and blows without losing its ability to function.

The current W1S rugged smart watches have 512MB of system memory and 4GB of storage built in and run on a 1.2GHz Processor and Android 4.4 (KitKat) Operating System. The memory of the watch can be extended further to add an extra 8GB of storage space with a TF/MicroSD card. The watch can handle more than just everyday tasks.

The watch’s battery is a 610 mAh. This should permit the device to work for 36 hours in a steady talk mode and over a week in the stand-by mode. Snopow Australia smart watches are reliable, stylish, and will withstand a lot of punishment before they ever break and let you down.

The features you will find in our rugged smart watches are:

 ·       Phone finder

·         Distal remind

·         Pedometer

·         Alarm

·         Sleep Monitoring

·         Second chronograph

·         Compatible with Android mobile phones

·         This mobile phone will work with GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ networks

Over the past few months smartwatches have become sort of the ‘thing’ to have. And with all the advancements they have made they do have their place in the daily routine of late. So what are these improvements and how will they make your life easier?

Snopow Australia smartwatches will help you to stop reaching for your smartphone every time you turn around. They are linked to your phones cellular network via Bluetooth or as a standalone 3G and you can just look at your wrist rather than reaching for your phone, wherever it happens to be. All those things you need that phone for is right on your wrist now.

You can set the watch to do all the things your mobile phone has been doing and all you need do to respond is look. You will be able to continue on with what you were doing prior to being interrupted by the phone. With your new smart watch you should be able to regain a little ‘control’ in your daily life. Remember that the less you handle that smart phone the less chance you have to drop it or get it out and lose it.