Nowadays we have to take the latest kind of technology - the type that permits us to be consistently on the run, yet always in the know. We do this by counting on our mobile phones and in many cases, our smart watches. But as a lot of people don't work in offices or in comfortable jobs, these great designs do not always satisfy the requirements we need. If we are the type of individuals who perform a lot of outdoor work for instance a geologist or mining engineer, then you'll understand how essential it really is to have gadgets that can match a rugged, outdoor life style. The brand-new smart devices, although enticing, can't withstand being dropped, landing in water or stone dust or encountering some other damage. There are also those individuals who work in warehouses and factories who may use their telephones and smart watches to enable them to scan stock or as electronic timers. Again, in these industries you have to use tools that withstand the "test of time" as they say. So in such cases what is the alternative?

Rugged mobile devices are just the type of mobile phones that you need if you're the sort of person who invests major time outdoor, or who may be accident prone. Snopow Australia rugged mobile phones works extremely well in any situation, and won't break if dropped. They can, in some cases, be totally submerged in normal water for some time. These phones have all the features of smartphones but can take a beating in a way that normal mobile phones just can't. Their particular memory space ranges from 512 MB to 1GB RAM, and 4-16GB Ram and also have video cameras on the front and back. They have got all the other special features of a mobile phone too like access to e mail, Google, YouTube, messaging, news and weather conditions, Gps system, sound recorders, and Chrome. That, along with durable power packs and 3.5' to 4.5' screens makes them the ideal tools for use in areas where the normal smart phone wouldn't survive.

An excellent part of them is they are generally cheaper than a lot of the smartphones out there these days, so it makes it easier for you to get in big amounts if you wish to buy them for a workforce if needed. The media data format on these mobile phones involves audio MP3, ACC, WAV and AMR. Video is in 3GP and AVI format. The picture formats include JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG. The connectivity of these mobile phones includes 2 SIM cards spots, 1 MicroUSB v 2.0 and 1 x 3.5mm ear port.

The Li-ion batteries are removable and have a standby range of 500 - 1200 hours and also have a talk-time of approximately 5.5 - 10.5 hours. Prices range from between $159 - $349. You can also buy a RFID reader and a wireless charge system. If there is a problem with the cell phone, just send it to them and they're going to fix it for you personally. If you wish to fix it at another dealer, Snopow Australia will ship the pieces to you free of cost. The parts will also be absolutely free.

What bout rugged smart watches? A lot of phones work in addition to rugged smart watches and if you would want to tie the 2 together with each other and are working in a setting that can be tough on your own electronic goods, then a rugged smart watch is just as essential as a rugged smart phone. In fact, a large number of brand new rugged smart watches work like rugged smartphones. You can use them as mp3 players, mobile phones and run mobile applications.

The rugged smart watches made by Snopow Australia could work together with your Snopow phone. Place your phone in your pocket, and you can use your watch to make calls, search the web or send texts. The watch provides an International Protection Marking of 68, making it the best protection watch. You can use it in all areas and even wear it under water.

The watches run off an Android operating system and 1GB of system storage and 8GB of storage built in. The device can work for a solid 36 hours of talk-time and over a week in the storage mode. Not only are these rugged smart watches great utility elements, but they're developed to endure the toughest of terrain and can work with just about any kind of outdoor environment. A few of the handy features of these timepieces are phone finder, distal remind, digital pedometer and alarm. By being able to get all the info you need from your smart watch, the less likely you are to get your phone out constantly to evaluate several data, minimizing the probability of you dropping or losing it.

Now is the best time to buy rugged mobile phones and to order rugged smart watches in Melborne. Never have we had two items that tend to be more useful in our daily lives than these beauties. So check out Snopow's items and prepare for a great adventure of a lifetime!