How to Know the Quality of a Rugged Mobile Phone and Rugged Smart Watch?

The development of mobile devices such as mobile phones and smart watches over the past few years has been astonishing; it is doubtful that any of us, when we first bought a mobile phone, would have believed what today’s models are capable of. As for smart watches, these clever and innovative devices are seen by many as the way forward; portable, worn on the wrist and unobtrusive, you can use them as the ultimate communication device without having to occupy your hands.

However, there is a problem: how many of us have accidentally dropped a mobile phone, and smashed the screen as a result? Even when phones are safely tucked away in a pocket they can be susceptible to breakage in crowds. What do you do if you work in an environment where you need a phone or smart watch, yet you are subjected to conditions that may render them broken in no time at all? Fortunately there is an answer, and it’s a relatively inexpensive one.  Rugged mobile phones and rugged smart watches are now popular items, and have actually become very trendy with users of all ages.

What is the advantage of the rugged design? Imagine a standard mobile phone – say your iPhone or Samsung – with its shiny case and enormous screen; if you work in an industry where knocks and shocks are commonplace it’s a disaster waiting to happen! Bang it against machinery or any other hard items and its fragile nature will immediately become apparent, and one expensive smart phone is suddenly a useless item. The same goes for watches, and in particular smart watches, which –even though worn on the wrist – can be easily broken without much effort.

Then there’s water: mobile phones do not like water in any way, shape or form, and when accidentally dropped in water will become inoperable and, most likely, irreparable too. Expensive mishaps can be quick and unavoidable, so the rugged option is the answer. Rugged mobile phones are designed to withstand shocks that would disable a standard mobile phone; they often come with rubber cases that protect them from bangs and knocks, and are highly durable. Rugged smart watches are similar, in that they will be built with protective materials as their makeup, rather than with flimsy plastics and glass that break at any juncture.

Designed for people in many walks of – think workers in the construction industry, people who work close to water, persons who are active and like to get out and about and perhaps the emergency services – rugged mobile phones and rugged smart watches are highly durable and also very capable, and you will find they are surprisingly affordable. With many well-known brands on the market – look for Fonerange, JCB and CAT as the leading brands in rugged mobile phones – there is plenty of choice, so if you want to protect your mobile phone or smart watch against breakage go rugged, and join the ever growing band of sensible people who prefer function over form.