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Warranty Claim

All Snopow Australia products come with a standard 15 month warranty. Customers also have the option to purchase an extended 3 year warranty at the time of product purchase. If your phone or smart watch experience problems within the warranty period, we have two solutions to assist customers.
1. Return the phone or smartwatch, we will repair it and send back to you. After you've submitted your warranty claim via the form opposite and it has been reviewed, we will send a postage paid envelope to your shipping address for you to send your item to our repair centre. When we've repaired your phone we will deliver it back to you. Please allow two weeks for repair.
2. We can delivery spare parts to you if you can repair the item yourself. We will pay shipping cost and extra parts will be free. Spare parts are only free if your item is still within the warranty period. Be advised that taking this option will void further warranty.

If your warranty period has expired and you would like to have your item repaired you can do so via the warranty form. You will be responsible for all postage and repair costs.

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